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Enduro Extreme Challenge

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Embraiagem Extreme



Embraiagem MX R-Evolution

Menor peso e maior duração;
Maior precisão, resposta e controlo.
Usa os pratos de fricção OEM
Com sistema de fluxo forçado de óleo garante performance elevada devido ao maior arrefecimento. Termine com os barulhos de embaiagem.
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As you know with a normal clutch when you downshift the gear you wheel goes faster than you engine (that's why it goes at high rpm), in this situation you experience the engine brake. This effect is not so easy to manage, cause can give problems while you are going into a turn cause it is not easy to mantain your trajectory.

STM, thanks to physical and mechainc matters, solved this problem. When you have difference in round beetwen the rear whell and your engine, it creates a back torque which act on the clutch direclty. Due to this back torque the clutch opens itself (the drum lift up onto the hub due to hubs and balls beetwen the parts) leaving the plates free. In this way there will not be connections beetwen the wheel and the egnine shaft, having a bike more handable.

STM clutches work with two diaphragm springs (instead of the standard 4/6 coil springs), primary and seconday. Primary spring work on the pressure onto the plates, and it is adjustable, we supply from our catalogue different tensions. In this way everyone can adjust the starting phase, more the tension more the pressure faster the starting, while the less will be the tenson the smoother will be the starting.

The other spring, secondary, is inside the clutch, and it manages the engine brake, cause it wields the force we have to win to activate the Slipper System, so the more the tension more will be the engine brake, while less tension means less engine brake.

On the other hand, STM supply a NON SLIPPER CLUTCH too, especially suggested for Enduro and Motocross uses. It uses the primary diaphragm spring, STM steel plates (better than the standard), and special oil passages to improve the lubrification.



Extreme Enduro Challenge

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Prova de Extreme Enduro

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Enduro Extreme Challenge

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Enduro Extreme Challenge

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